Tuesday, August 22, 2006

WinWinWiki Groundbreaking!

Well, even though my posting has not been as daily as I'd like, it's likely to get even more spotty. Why? Cuz I'm going to be baby sitting a new baby! I've just started WinWinWiki as a mini wiki at the Wikia scratchpad. As you will see, the wiki is not even a full single page yet, but all journeys begin with a single step, and I did not want to delay in getting the community involved.

So, please join in and get your hands dirty!

Somehow my metaphors are getting mixed. But I'm sure you understand :-)

Please add the WinWinWiki to your favorite links, and drop by regularly to add a paragraph or page. Or, if you want to provide some guidance, come back here and post a comment.


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