Monday, September 04, 2006

Why does it take so long?

I've been digging around the web fairly diligently for several months, and only just found World Changing. Great stuff! But why does it take so long to tumble to these resources?

If you can't tell that this is going to work its way back to WinWinWiki, then you don't know me very well!

My thinking is that, World Changing, while very broad, is angled a bit more toward sustainability than toward my recent diggings, which are more angled toward World Peace, but there is a bunch of overlap in several areas. That, indeed, is how I finally fell across it, in doing a search for clean water supplies for third world countries.

One of the cool things about World Changing (and other resources, of course) is the ability to get an RSS feed, in order to remain plugged in. Well, that works for the web-engaged among us. Probably includes you, or you'd never be reading my blog.

Anyway, cool site. Tons of content there (or referenced there) which would be appropriate for WinWinWiki (first tag!). The second tag I want to make to WinWinWiki is that a broad well-structured wiki (as WinWinWiki aspires to be) would provide a good linkage between the World Peace and World Changing worlds.

Also: I got some great feedback from Paul about WWW's Main Page. He pointed out how hard it is to find the other pages. I'll make a twiddle there. Thanks, Paul!


Anonymous Celine said...

It's great that you feel the optimism and that a critical mass is here to change the tide for the better. I agree. I would like to comment on your question "why does it take so long to tumble to these resources?" With my "spiritualist" cap on, I am going to say that we sometimes don't find some things until we are ready to find them, and if that doesn't seem to apply, it could be because there are some "forces" in play behind the scene which are actually stopping like-minded people from getting in touch with each other. Another answer, which may apply to some searchers (but not to you I feel) is that we are not paying enough attention to things that do come our way, that lead to another.

In today's world of the information age, there needs to be positive discrimination and organisation, not to forget knowing what you are searching for, at some level, and coming up with all the keywords to find it.

I also think that courage and two-way communication are important in getting our messages across and in collaborating for peace.

Last year I found Architects for Peace on the wwww. It's an Australian site at which states that it is "a forum for architects, urban designers, engineers, planners, landscape architects and environmentalists, seeking urban development based on social justice, solidarity, respect and peace." It hosts a blog by the Royal Melbourne Institue of Technology's Public Art Department (called "words@bld50).

It's a good site, yet when I emailed them last year to network, I got no reply. I didn't get a Failed Delievery receipt for my sent email either. Quite often I have emailed various groups and individuals to try to build bridges, however teensy, but silence is the result. I twiddle my thumbs and wonder why do they have an email address if it is not used?

Of course there could be alternatives to this, such as their email facility was not working, or they changed their email address.....still, the lines of communication must be kept open, I think, and it should be easy to do so!

I regularly search the www under peace-related keywords, as I understand that you do also, Curt. If we do such action, i.e. search diligently for our heart's desire, then we will find what we look for.....even if it takes a while, so I think.

Peace and All Good


4:55 AM  

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