Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another wiki on the right track!

In scouring the web, I finally discovered Engineers Without Borders recently. Not surprisingly, this is a very project "build it" sort of organization, with national and regional organizations (including, of course, EWB-USA). Again, why does it take so long to find these? Anyway, that discovery was very cool... But while reviewing EWB, I came across Appropedia, which is a wiki for many kinds of solutions (water purification, solar energy, etc) that captures a major piece of what I've been thinking about for WinWinWiki. Translation: now I've got to figure out (again) what gaps exist and how to work toward filling them. What if ANHwiki could be bridged with Appropedia? Is there a "gluewiki" that's needed? Hmmm.

What seems pretty clear is that there is a lot going on! I feel there is a critical mass of people and resources and spiritual readiness coming together. To do what? Well, to create a movement toward worldwide support and sustainability. Once the tipping point is reached, it won't take a willing person (like me) such a lot of work just to connect up with the movement! I can see how various organizations reach out to specific groups (students, other organizations), but the broader population is still rather unaware. That will change soon.


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