Saturday, October 07, 2006

Growing Resolution

Exciting news! Chris Watkins (aka Singkong, aka Singkong2005) has agreed to join the Resolution blog as a co-author!

Woohoo! Let's do the wave!

I've introduced you to Chris before; he is the wiki-savvy water and sanitation engineer from Australia, with serious experience in Indonesia (check out his Wikipedia user profile), who introduced me to Appropedia. We've decided that, despite some potential challenges, collaborating in blogspace was a good way to express our support for other collaborative efforts, including wikis and Open Design concepts in general.

I am very pleased to have Chris on board! There is some potential that, in a positive competitive/collaborative spirit, both of us will post more than we would as solo bloggers. And now you'll benefit by getting two (perhaps closely aligned? perhaps not so?) viewpoints for the price of one! I've asked him to do most of his posting in English but it's fine with me if he uses his other 3 languages now and then. Ach, wohl. Hoffentlich kann ich Deutsch ein biƟchen besser als Chris schreiben!

Welcome, Singkong!

(Okay, partner, your turn at bat!)

(Hm. Hope the new kid gets the baseball reference.)


Blogger Singkong2005 said...

In spite of being happily ignorant about sport (at least the kind that people watch while eating sitting on their couch and eating junk food), I did get the batting reference - though I was probably thinking about cricket...

7:47 AM  

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