Monday, October 09, 2006

Chris here...

Glad to be on board here. I'm fairly new to blogging, and currently pre-occupied with personal stuff, but will post from time to time. Thanks for the welcome - I think you have overstated my language skills, but it's true I am fascinated with language. The only foreign language I speak fluently is Indonesian, but I plan to learn others (and currently learning Tetum, as I'm applying for a volunteer position as an election observer in East Timor).

At busy times like this, I'm glad to be contributing to a wiki like Appropedia. I can contribute in a big or small way, and the contribution stays there for someone else to build on. I can also come back any time and join in again. It's a great technology for collaboration, and for building an information resource.

About my username: If you want to find me on the web, just google Singkong2005 - this is the username I use when contributing to wikis, commenting, asking questions, writing vegetarian recipes or whatever. Feel free to call me Chris, Singkong (Indonesian for cassava) or Singkong2005.

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Anonymous Julie said...

Welcome! Look forward to hearing more from both of you. :)

9:31 PM  

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